Welcome to my Website!

My name is José Reis, but I often go by my nickname outono96, which derives from the portuguese word for the Fall season. I'm a 24 years old student with a bachelor's degree in Electrotechnical Engineering. In my free time I like to make stuff, in particular games! Right now I'm using Pygame along with Pymunk to make some starting projects, but I'm looking forward to use other tools like Godot Engine.

I'm also interested in drawing, 3d modeling and making music. I'm experimenting with GIMP, Inkscape, POV-Ray and LMMS, and I'll try to expand to Krita and Blender in the future.

This website is a work in expansion, where parts of my works will be exposed, so if you're interested, consider keeping eye on this page.

If a link isn't working or a part of the site seems broken to you, contact me with a private message on my Twitter or Instagram account.

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